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Gourmet Chinese Restaurant Liverpool

Chy’s owners had the idea they wanted to create a Chinese restaurant with a different appeal. Their premise was to combine traditional Chinese food, with modern cuisine delivered in luxury surroundings at an affordable cost. The motto of high-end dining which does not need to be expensive but the customer can still eat exquisite food in beautiful surroundings.

With the success of Chy on Lark Lane they sought to expand their notion of flavoursome Chinese food in the heart of the City with Chy on Renshaw Street. Opening last year in October the owners knew they needed to uphold the expectations of Chy on Lark Lane and keep the consistency prominent throughout the new venture. Already having built up a good customer rapport & a loyal customer base, both restaurants are vastly becoming the centrefolds of Liverpool’s Chinese cuisine. Through word of mouth, the appeal of both restaurants has brought lovers of Chinese food from all over the City and beyond eager to revel in the Chy experience – fulsome flavours of the Orient enjoyed in superb splendour.


5 - 9 Renshaw Street
L1 2SA

0151 708 7787


43 - 45 Lark Lane
L17 8UW

0151 727 1122


98 South Road
L22 0LY

0151 792 5094

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Sorry, we aren't open for orders right now. We're open 4pm to 10pm (closed on Tuesdays). At weekend we ask customers to call the restaurant to place their order so that we can better manage demand on 0151 708 7787